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Farquar Muckenfuss's Favorite Recipes

I've dined with Farquar Muckenfuss before and I can tell you those boys really know how to eat! I asked Dr. Tom Foolery if he had any good recipes to share with his fans and he said, "Why of course, here's a KILLER recipe for the web page."

And so... here is a KILLER RECIPE FOR MAC AND CHEESE presented by Tom Foolery:

- one mac
- &
-lots of cheese
-sprinkle with powdered bone marrow for flavor
WALAH! It'll last you for weeks. (the marrow preserves it incase you eat lightly)

Here's another delicious recipe just received from the gourmet kitchens of Farquar:

1 can dinte moore beef stew,
fish out the beef,
add some of your favorite cuts of human flesh.
that's gooooood eatin'

MMMmmmm. That sounds simply T A S T E Y !

If I get any more recipes from the Muckenfuss kitchen I'll post them here.

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