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Public Service Announcement from LUKE WARM of FARQUAR MUCKENFUSS
Good morrow to you all. This is Luke Warm, otherwise known as Thom Foolery, and/or Ford W. Stevens III. Most call me Woods. Some of you out there know me as one of the collaborators to the collective Farquar Muckenfuss, some of you know me as their chum, others as business partners, still others as former business partners (emily, i called you), even yet still others as future business partners and/or combinations of these, while some of you accidentally found yourselves on my list and have no clue who I am. In any of these cases, please pay close attention to this message for it applies to you all. The point of this electronic letter is to inform all of you not to send anything to anymore for Luke is about to meet his maker. This will be his last transmission and from now on, you will all be subject to the ruling of Thom and/or Woods. There are 2 people calling the shots now. No more of this Luke Warm crap. I will be in touch with all of you from my new homebase outside of Buffalo, New York. Under no circumstances are you to respond to this address because any reply will go unanswered and will forever wander the nether regions inside the depths of my Compaq which will remain a stagnant cesspool of unansweredness. I will reach you all with my new address. To let you know, it will probably be along the lines of Of course this is only a guess at this point but we will all find out within a couple of days. Oh yes, I assure you, a couple of days. Please let me extend the most heartfelt of apologies to those I haven't responded to, spoken to, etc. I still like you but lots of craps been going down recently. I'm sure you understand. Sorry. If you fall under the category of wanting to know information about the Farquar Muckenfuss recording entitled "They Grow Their Own Meat (grade 'E', but edible)", let me inform you that it is still in the works and will be finished sometime in the next week or two. This time I'm serious. Email next week for more info. If, in response, Harvey is curt, please forgive him, I won't be around to make sure he gets his treatment. So for his actions, he is held completely irresponsible. I will tell you that it will be $10.00 (more by mail), but it is 71 minutes and 23 seconds long so you will get your moneys worth. At this point, that is all the information I am at liberty to divulge so make up the rest.
Thank you for your time and may the Good Lord bless your paperboy's pitching arm.
This is Woods and/or Thom wishing the best for you and yours.
Flip me over, I'm done on this side. over and out,
thom and/or woods
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